2021 Mineral Point Wrestling Banquet

Scott Graber Memorial Award
Given to an 8th Grade wrestler (left-right) 2019-2020 recipient Mac Busser, 2020-2021 recipient Roen Carey, Kenny Graber (Scott Graber’s dad)


HS Wrestling Cheer Awards (left to right)
Lexi Pautz (Most Spirit), Haylee Kearns (Most Encouraging), Megan Toay (Captain, Best All Around, Most Dedicated), Lexi Kinch (Best Team Work, Most Encouraging)


HS Wrestling Awards (left to right)
Front – Mason Hughes (Captain), Daniel Nordstrom (Captain), Mitch Aurit (Captain)
Back – Nolan Springer (Captain, Most Valuable, Most Wins-16, Most Pins-13, Most Near Falls-14), Joey Robinson (Most Improved), Lucas Sullivan (Most Takedowns-52, Most Reversals-8), Bo Hanson (Most Escapes-27), Tarrin Riley (Most Dedicated)

Stumpf, Toay Named April Students of the Month at MPHS

MPHS April Students of the MonthThe Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its April Students of the Month at a virtual meeting Tuesday, April 6. The Kiwanis Club is meeting via Zoom during the pandemic.

The students, who are members of the senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Liam Stumpf

Liam is the son of Greg and Chris Stumpf. Liam has two sisters, Kennedy, who is an anti-money laundering specialist for Robinhood in Dallas, TX, and Madison, who is a Junior at UW-Madison pursuing a degree in speech language pathology.

Liam is a member of the National Honor Society, a Skills USA officer, a DARE role model, and is a three sport athlete. He has also been a class officer, 4-H member, and a forensics participant.

Liam likes to play baseball, hang with his friends, and spend time playing card games and hanging at the lake with his family.  He also enjoys football, snowboarding, jet skiing, and basketball. Liam’s high school summers have also been spent working for Klosterman Landscaping.

Liam will continue his academic career in Business at Missouri State University and will also play baseball.

Liam wants to thank the whole community of Mineral Point for the influence they have had on his high school career.  Liam is grateful for the coaches that pushed him to do things that he wasn’t always comfortable with because he knows they believed in him.  Their support and mentorship have contributed to the person he is today.

He is also thankful for all the teachers for their unending support and their guidance to make him a better student. Liam has always enjoyed school and the teachers he has had have only grown his passion for learning. He is very grateful for the most supportive community he knows — Mineral Point — and all the parents, fellow students, younger kids, and community members that have helped make Mineral Point his home.

Liam wants to thank the Mineral Point Kiwanis for their support of the Student of the Month.

“I didn’t get to know Liam until he transferred here from Dodgeville. First impressions were that he was kind, would get along great with the other students, would put forth a lot of effort into his academics, and would be an incredible athlete. After getting to know him, all of those qualities were true. Liam not only has an incredible work ethic, he is well liked by everyone and has proved himself on the football field, basketball court, and baseball diamond.  He even shows his leadership skills as a team captain. Liam is on the National Honor Society, doing his share of community service around the community. He is a great role model and one that the younger students definitely look up to. As Liam goes forth into his future, I wish him good luck in college and the baseball career that he has ahead of him.” ~ Janet Lawinger, High School Administrative Assistant

“I recall Liam Stumpf  joining our school; although it seems like, for many of us, he’s always been a Pointer!  Liam, watching your success in both academics and athletics has been exciting!  You are a kind, mature young man with lots to look forward to in the years ahead. Congratulations on being selected April’s Student of the Month!  Here’s wishing you the best in your future endeavors!  Pointers will be rooting you on!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“Liam has been an outstanding student/athlete during his four years at Mineral Point High School.  He has excelled in the classroom and in all three sports (football, basketball, and baseball) earning all-conference honors in all three.  During his four years, Liam has developed into a very good leader.  He has a great personality, a positive outlook, and is well received by students and staff.  I know he will do great things at Missouri State.” ~ Dan Burreson, High School Social Studies Teacher and Head Boys Basketball Coach

“Liam, thank you for being part of Pointer Nation and congratulations on your selection as the Student of the Month.  Something that I will always remember about you is how you always had a smile on your face and a positive attitude.  I appreciate your willingness to help out and be a leader and mentor within our school for your peers and younger MP students and athletes.  I look forward to watching you take the next steps in your journey as a college baseball athlete.  Your drive and enthusiasm are attributes that are going to help you be successful in any career path.  Best of luck with your future.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

“What a great addition to the Mineral Point student body Liam Stumpf has been.  He came to our district as a very respectful, humble, and intelligent young man.  He will be leaving as an outstanding role model, leader, athlete, and academically prepared for his next journey.  Liam always has a smile on his face and is willing to greet you each day.  He has grown into such a wonderful young man that while we wish him nothing but the best as he soon leaves our school, we will miss him and all the qualities that make him an outstanding Pointer!  Best of Luck, Liam.” ~ Mitch Wainwright, Superintendent

“Liam Stumpf is outgoing, hardworking, and driven, striving to do his best in all he does. While pushing himself toward excellence, he is also dedicated to leading by example and elevating those around him. He is kind and friendly to everyone and always has a smile to share. Congratulations as April Student of the Month! Best of luck at Missouri State in all you do!” ~ Kipalee Bakken, Middle/High School Business Teacher

“Musician Billy Cox once said, ‘The two things in life you are in total control over are your attitude and your effort.’ As long as I have known Liam Stumpf, he has always had the best attitude and has always given 100% effort in everything he does. Liam’s bright smile tells it all. Liam is a born leader that is the glue that keeps a group together. He is always the first to volunteer for a task and is always someone I have been able to count on to follow through. I have always loved his desire to learn new information and his ability to push himself to the next level. I will genuinely miss Liam next year but can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented, kind young man!” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

Megan Toay

To start, Megan Toay would like to thank the Kiwanis and school staff for choosing her as one of the April Students of the Month. She would also like to congratulate Liam Stumpf on receiving this honor.

Megan has grown up in Mineral Point her whole life. She has amazing parents, Duane and Melissa Toay, along with two siblings, Chayse and Sammy. She would like to thank her parents for their never-ending support of everything she does.

Throughout school, Megan has been very academically driven. She liked to challenge herself by doubling up in some subjects and also taking some college classes. She also participated in some extracurriculars such as football and wrestling cheerleading, Key Club, and Future Business Leaders of America. She held leadership positions as captain for two years in wrestling cheerleading and treasurer her senior year for Key Club.

Starting her Junior year, Megan worked at Subway but currently works at Walmart in hopes of saving up for college. Along with those jobs, she also helped out during the summer at Shake Rag Alley, being an assistant when teaching the children some fun arts and crafts. She also volunteered at the hospital (and would have loved to continue had covid not shown up), where she helped at a children’s camp and eventually the nursing home where she would talk and laugh with the residents while doing some projects.

Megan will be attending the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in hopes of getting her bachelor’s degree in Pre-Physical Therapy. She then plans on going somewhere warmer to work on getting her Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Throughout high school, Mr. Matt Austin has been her biggest role model, along with Mrs. Jennifer Wahlin. From the start, Mr. Austin has always been there to help her when she needed it and cheer her up. Mr. Austin also taught her that it is essential to always look at the positives in life. Mrs. Wahlin became a role model starting Junior year for Megan because she was always so cheery and funny, which brought smiles to all the students. Megan would like to thank them for being such amazing people to listen to her when she needed it, and teaching her some amazing life lessons.

Once again, Megan would like to thank the Kiwanis and teachers for choosing her as Student of the Month. She is very grateful for it.

“I’ve known Megan since she was in elementary school and became a good friend of my daughter, Ivy. Megan started out as a shy young girl, but has grown into a beautiful young lady who is active in many things at school, including football and wrestling cheerleading. Megan also worked very hard this year to be selected for the National Honor Society and will do her best to uphold the four pillars of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. I’m sure Megan will venture out to do great things after graduation and I wish her the best of luck.” ~ Janet Lawinger, High School Administrative Assistant

“Megan Toay was a quiet little kindergartner with a sweet smile. Through the years, she has always been hard working and determined.  Megan has kept those traits as she represents Mineral Point in both school and work activities. I’d like to congratulate her on being selected as April’s Student of the Month!  Good luck in the future, Megan!  Always work hard!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“Congratulations Megan on being honored as a Kiwanis Student of the Month.  I have truly enjoyed watching you grow and mature from Freshman year until now.  You have been busy these past four years with your advanced course load, extracurricular activities, and also working part time!  No matter what life holds for you, I know you will be successful because of your optimistic outlook on things, strong work ethic, and the ability to roll with the changes.  Change can be tough no matter where you are in life. The past two years you have grown so much in this area…maybe not liking all the changes you were subject to, but you have learned that perseverance and hard work are the keys to success!  I am so very proud of the young woman you have become!” ~ Jenny Wahlin, High School Spanish Teacher

“Congratulations on being selected as the Student of the Month for April.  As you have navigated your high school career, you have grown in many ways and have learned how to use your talents to the highest level.  If I were to describe you, I would use the words talented, driven, and caring.  To me, these qualities are going to aid in your success and help you reach your goals.  Megan, thank you for being a positive example for underclassmen and your community.  Your future is bright and I am sure that you will accomplish amazing things.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

“I recall the first time I met Megan Toay while I was substitute teaching at the elementary school. She was so sweet and extremely shy and quiet. In a few short years she transformed from that shy young lady to an outgoing, soft spoken leader who advocates for herself and others. She has been dedicated in her involvement with extracurricular activities including wrestling cheerleading and FBLA. She has great ideas and loves to help others.  Congratulations as April Student of the Month! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!” ~ Kipalee Bakken, Middle/High School Business Teacher

“‘If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself’ – Henry Ford. Miss Megan Toay has always been a born cheerleader fighting for the success of the group. This selfless attitude has always been what most impressed me about Megan. I have had the pleasure of being Megan’s teacher and cheerleading coach. In both the classroom and on the football field, Megan’s primary concern is getting the job done to make others happy and complete. Because of this quality, I am confident that her future is bright and full of success. I will truly miss her helping hand and kind heart next year but am super excited to see what lies ahead for her because of the good karma she has created.” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

(Stumpf photo by Ann Gorgen; Toay photo by Kristin Weier Logan)

Springer, Hughes State Individual Champions

Nolan Springer 170 lb. WI state wrestling champion
Nolan Springer 170 lb. WI state wrestling champion
Mason Hughes 182 lb. WI state wrestling champion
Mason Hughes 182 lb. WI state wrestling champion

Nolan Springer won his second consecutive individual state championship, and Mason Hughes won his first at the Wisconsin high school wrestling tournament held recently in Madison.

Springer finished his season 14-0 by technical fall against Samuel Schwabe of Random Lake for the 170-lb. championship.

Hughes finished 13-2 with a 3-1 decision against Iowa-Grant’s Cal Dorota for the 182-pound title.

Cody, Straka Named MPHS Students of the Month

MPHS Students of the MonthThe Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its January Students of the Month at a virtual meeting Tuesday, January 5. The Kiwanis Club is meeting via Zoom during the pandemic.

The students, who are members of the senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Emily Cody

Emily Cody’s family consists of her brother, Adam, her father, Robert, and her mother, Jody. They all mean the world to her. She spends a lot of time with them doing various things, such as going to their lake house, watching movies, hiking, and kayaking.

She has attended Mineral Point Schools since the age of four. Through those fourteen years she has been given the opportunity to try out many different activities: choir, forensics, cross country, track and field, basketball, Key Club, Blue Crew, Future Farmers of America, Skills USA, homecoming court, National Honor Society, 4-H, Youth Group, and so much more.

All of those experiences led her to discover hobbies that she enjoys. She loves all things active. These things help Emily relieve stress and have led her to many lifelong friendships. She has found that they are her favorite because there is always something to get better at, and the process of getting there and achieving it is one of the best feelings.

Youth Group is her favorite group she has been involved in high school. It has allowed her to realize that helping others is the biggest interest that she has. In Youth Group, she volunteered for hours at many pasty sales for the church in order to earn money to volunteer for a week in both Washington D.C. and Saint Louis. At these places, she cleaned the community, helped at food drives, held dinners for people that were food insecure, sorted items to be given to people that could not afford them, and much more.

During her journey in the Mineral Point Unified School District, she has been surrounded by the smartest, kindest teachers anyone could ask for. The two teachers that have stuck with Emily, and have helped make her who she is today, are Mrs. Lifka Bennett and Mrs. Keri Radtke. Mrs. Bennett was much more than a teacher to her; she is her friend. She has always been one that Emily knew she could tell anything to. Mrs. Bennett has also always had confidence in Emily which has meant a lot to her. Mrs. Radtke once said to Emily, “If your parents are going to make you make your bed, you might as well do it right.” This has instilled into Emily to put forth her best effort in everything that she participates in.

Emily has worked as a lifeguard at our Mineral Point Public Pool for four years. As a lifeguard, it is her responsibility to ensure safety for swimmers, keep the environment clean, instruct swim lessons, take lifeguarding classes, enforce rules, work with cash and checks, be in physical shape, communicate with families, and answer phone calls in a professional manner. Being a lifeguard also includes being a role model for the younger children.

Emily also has her Certified Nursing Assistant certificate, but because of COVID, she did not pursue a career. Being in contact sports would make her more at risk of getting COVID, and she did not want that risk to be put upon her patients. Emily intends to get a job as a CNA this summer in Madison. The reason she wants to obtain a career in Madison is because she has committed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and she thought this would help her become more familiar with the area. Emily is going to major in biochemistry with a minor in either chemistry or biology. She has been going back and forth on whether or not she wants to become an oncologist or go into pediatrics, but for now she is set on pediatrics. With all that MPHS has done for her she is very confident she can achieve whatever goals she sets her mind to. She would like to thank the Mineral Point Unified School District for giving her such a great education and the Kiwanis for awarding her with Student of the Month! She would also like to congratulate Will for all of his accomplishments!

“I’ve known Emily since preschool as she and my daughter became friends immediately and have remained so throughout the years. Emily has always been a sweet girl, very well mannered and respectful, not only in the office, but out of school as well. She puts forth all of her effort, not only academically, but when she runs in cross country and track, and in every play in basketball, especially defensively. Emily has been one who sets out to obtain what she wants and goes for it with ease. With this behind her, I know she’ll succeed in whatever she puts her mind to. Emily, I wish you all the best after high school. Follow your dreams and reach for the stars!” ~ Janet Lawinger, High School Administrative Assistant

“Watching these students grow up just sometimes pulls at the heartstrings.  Emily is one of those.  Such a sweet, kind, and hardworking girl from kindergarten on to now!  When I see the posts of her running at meets, you can see the determination on her face.  She is quiet but fierce — the kind of fierce that appears when trying to prove something to no one but yourself!  Keep the fierce attitude and the sweet personality and you will go far, Emily!  Congratulations on being chosen as Student of the Month! Good luck next year! As in every race, finish strong!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“Emily, congratulations on your selection as the Student of the Month for January and on everything that you have accomplished up to this point.  You have been, and continue to be, an outstanding, kind, and caring individual and have been an excellent model for underclassmen.  As a student, you continue to impress me with your talents and ability to work hard to succeed in all areas of life.  Best wishes; you are going to do great things.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

“‘When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.’ This quote by rock musician Matty Mullins is a perfect reflection of Emily Cody’s disposition. As long as I have known Emily, she is always striving to be better and refuses to quit at good enough. I have always appreciated how she truly wants to understand the concept at hand. It is never just about the grade – it is about growing as a student. Emily’s future is so bright; I am so very proud to have had a small part in her educational experience. You deserve nothing less than the best, kiddo! Stay hungry and driven!” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

Will Straka

Will is the only child of Shannon Straka and Amy Whitford. He would like to thank his parents for their endless support!

Throughout his high school career, Will has engaged in various clubs and extracurriculars. Will participates in football, wrestling, and baseball. He has been involved in almost every club that MPHS offers. Student government, FFA, Skills USA, Future Business Leaders of America, Mock Trial, Math Team, Trap Team, Spanish Club, Musical Theatre, National Honor Society, Key Club, Pointer Media, and church and community volunteering have kept Will busy. Will was a football captain, three time class president, and currently serves as a Skills USA officer and senior class vice president.

Will worked for the Mineral Point Park Department under Mr. Jim Bennett for the last three summers. He would like to thank Jim for three great years!

Will is grateful for his family, coaches, and teachers for the support and life lessons they have provided! He would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Dan Burreson, Mr. Ben McWilliams, Mr. Andy Palzkill, Mr. Justin Leonard, Mrs. Kristin Staver, and Mrs. Jenny Wahlin.

After high school, Will plans to major in civil engineering and play football in college. Finally, he wants to thank Kiwanis and the MPHS staff for selecting him as Student of The Month; he would also like to congratulate Emily on receiving the award.

“I only have one word to describe Will and that is DETERMINED. Will is determined to succeed in whatever he puts his mind to whether it’s his academics, weight lifting, club activities, or football. And now as a senior he’s decided to hit the wrestling mat to prove he’s hard pressed to be stopped there either. Will always says ‘hello’ when he walks through the office and is polite when he inquires about something. Having a strong mind, athleticism, and the determination to go for what you want in life is sure to help Will rise to the top, not only in college, but in his career that follows. Good luck in all your future endeavors.” ~ Janet Lawinger, High School Administrative Assistant

“I can recall a day where there was lots of commotion in the hall by our kindergarten classrooms. When investigating, it was Will and his dad doing science demonstrations for his class!  Everyone wanted in on the good stuff happening.  That’s how I would describe Will today.  Everyone wants in on all his academic talent, his sports talent, and his handsome good looks. Will is sure to make a great future for himself and others! Good luck in your future, Will.  And, don’t forget those small town, hardworking roots!  Have a great finish to your senior year and good luck in the future!  Congratulations on being chosen as Student of the Month!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“I am so happy to have met Will four years ago!  Will has many admirable qualities, but I am always amazed at his tenacity.  Will, whatever you choose in life, I know you will be successful. Whatever challenge you face, you work hard and never give up!  If you are a lawyer, I want you to be MY lawyer.  If you are a doctor, I want you to be MY doctor.  If you are an electrician, I want you to be MY electrician.  Why?  Because I know that whatever you do, you work hard and are tenacious in finding an answer.  I truly enjoy your sense of humor and logical way of looking at things. And your senior picture where you are wearing the velvet suit, spinning a football, and reading ‘Lord of the Flies?’  I love it – it sums you up perfectly!  You aren’t afraid to be who you are and that is priceless!” ~ Jenny Wahlin, High School Spanish Teacher

“One of Will’s qualities that I will always remember is his drive to succeed.  This drive has led him to be successful in all aspects of school, from in the classroom to on the sports field.  As you continue to write your story, never lose this passion and continue to strive for the best.  In addition, Will has been a great role model for those around him and I want to thank him for his time as a Pointer.  Congratulations and best of luck with your future.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

“‘Debate is the way you stir the soul of our democracy’ – Jesse Jackson. Debate and stirring the soul sum up Will Straka perfectly! The enthusiasm and energy Will brings to the table makes every conversation, lesson, and experience engaging and memorable. I am so thankful that I have been able to be part of his educational journey for the last four years. I can honestly say that I have learned as much from him as him from me. My hope for you, young man, is that you never lose that curious nature, that drive to debate, and that thirst for knowledge. You are truly one of a kind who has brought much laughter and joy to my classroom and life. I will miss you dearly in the years to come but am so excited to see where life takes you.” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

Nordstrom, Berget named Students of the Month

The Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its first set of 2020-21 Students of the Month at a virtual meeting Tuesday, October 20. The Kiwanis Club is meeting via Zoom during the pandemic.

The students, who are members of the senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Daniel Nordstrom

Daniel would first like to thank the Kiwanis and the school staff for selecting him as Student of the Month, and congratulate Lexie on also receiving the honor.

Daniel has grown up in Mineral Point his entire life; he has an amazing family that supports everything he does. Daniel’s mother, Missy, is a hairdresser in Mineral Point, and his father, Tom, works at a local welding supply shop. They are both amazing people who have taught him everything he knows. Daniel has two brothers, Matthew and Tyler. Matthew is a senior and Tyler is a sophomore. Daniel’s family always supports him and are great role models.

Daniel works around Mineral Point mowing lawns and cleaning windows. He loves how personable the town is and how kind everyone is.

Daniel will either become an apprentice tradesman or attend UW-Platteville, likely majoring in some kind of engineering.

Throughout high school, Daniel has been involved in many different activities. Daniel has particularly enjoyed musical theatre, wrestling, FFA, forensics, football, band, and choir. He appreciates all of the hardworking and truly dedicated staff who put these activities on.

He would like to give a special thank you to Ms. Ashley McHugh, Mr. Matt Nevers, Coach Curtis Fiedler, and Mr. Mike Robinson for taking the time to teach Daniel and offer advice when needed.

Daniel again would like to congratulate Lexie on receiving this award and would like to thank the Kiwanis for putting on an awesome event.

“You couldn’t ask for a more kind and generous individual. He is not only strong in his academics, but a very talented student who wrestles, and is in both band and choir. Nothing I love better than going to a wrestling match to listen to him sing the National Anthem then hit the mat to wrestle his opponent. His musical performances are flawless as well. Daniel, you’ll do great things in life.” ~ Janet Lawinger, High School Administrative Assistant

“Daniel Nordstrom has had an impressive musical high school career. He has developed as a musician rapidly, taken on awesome musical projects, and participated in nearly all musical extra curricular activities our district offers. Daniel has always served as a role model for his peers in his determination to improve individually and as a group, willingness to try new things, and patience with others. For the last two years, he earned the choral awards of Leadership and Musicianship for his constant positivity, team mentality, and service as a resource for the ensemble as a whole. In all of our community tours as an ensemble, I have noticed Daniel’s compassion and connection with community members. Daniel has also represented the MPHS Vocal Program in varying choral festivals across the Midwest, including 2020 Dorian Festival, 2019 UW-Platteville Honors Choir Festival, and 2018 Driftless Honors Choir Festival. I have also enjoyed working with Daniel within the realm of musical theatre. For his knight role in ‘Shrek the Musical,’ he earned the awards for Best Facial Expressions and Most Enthusiastic, and for his role as Sir Harry in ‘Once Upon a Mattress,’ he earned the award for Best Work Ethic. This past year, he earned the awards for Most Dedication and Most Heartfelt Performance in the epic role of Marius in ‘Les Misérables.’ Daniel has already shown great potential, interest, and commitment to new musical challenges this year! I have come to appreciate his balance and multi-faceted interests over the last few years, particularly his musical endeavors. Daniel’s optimism, drive, well-roundedness, self-awareness, professionalism, and thoughtfulness will surely guarantee his success in all he does!” ~ Ashley McHugh, Middle/High School Choir Teacher

“Daniel Nordstrom is a kind boy and I have enjoyed watching him grow into a fine student.  He is hardworking and dedicated.  He always wears a smile that warms the heart.  We  love hearing Daniel play in the band and sing.  His musical talents are many and will carry with him throughout life.  His dedication to a work ethic can be seen in all that he does!  Keep up the good work, Daniel!  Congratulations on being named Student of the Month!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“It was an honor to be in the musical ‘Shrek’ with both Lexie and Daniel during their freshman year.  Their energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and it was a lot of fun watching them grow as performers.  In the years since, they have become two of the finest young people I have had the fortune to teach and be around.  I am so glad I was here, and got to be a small part in their journey.  Congrats on two very fine Students of the Month.” ~ Tom Steger, High School Science Teacher

“Daniel has been my band student since he has been in 8th grade, and has always been a joy to work with. He is willing to do whatever is asked of him to make the band better, whether it be a solo trombone performance of the National Anthem at a wrestling tournament, a vocal solo with the marching band at a football game in front of hundreds of fans, or a very difficult solo for solo and ensemble contest. Daniel will just jump up and do it, no questions asked. I enjoy every minute that I get to work with Daniel, and I look forward to seeing what his future holds.” ~ Matt Nevers, Middle/High School Band Teacher

“‘You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him’ – Malcolm Forbes. I truly cannot bring a moment to mind where Daniel Nordstrom isn’t smiling at the world and making everyone feel as if he or she is the most important conversation of his day. His innate way of making others feel special and welcome will take him miles in life. There was never a lesson that I delivered where Daniel didn’t lean in and engage. What an amazing, bright future this young man has ahead of himself. Thank you for sharing your love of life and laughter with me! I can’t wait to see your future unfold. To steal the famous line from The Outsiders, ‘Stay Gold,” Daniel!’” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

“Congratulations Daniel on your selection as the Student of the Month.  Your ability to work hard, strive to do your absolute best, and be a caring and kind individual makes you a fantastic role model for your peers and underclassmen.  Thank you for always being willing to lend a helping hand and having a smile on your face.  As you move on to the next chapter of your life, know that you have made a positive impact on others within the Mineral Point Community.  Your future is bright and I am sure that you will accomplish amazing things.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

Alexis Berget

Alexis Berget, the daughter of Brad and Anita Berget, is the fourth of five children. Alexis has two brothers and two sisters; Brianna, Bailey, Wes, and Lilli. She would like to thank her family for always being her role models and giving her endless support!

Alexis is always extremely committed to her academics and extracurricular activities. She is

involved in band, choir, forensics, mock trial, math team, musical theatre, solo-ensemble, FFA, Key Club, cheerleading, and student government. Alexis also holds leadership positions such as captain of the football cheerleading team and president of the student council. She is also a member of the National Honor Society.

In her free time, she enjoys staying involved with the community. Alexis cantors at her church,

and has sung many National Anthems for a variety of events. Alexis has also been involved in 4-H since she was five years old. In 4-H she works on many different projects and leadership roles. Alexis is also a part of Halftime Entertainment Dance Team, which she has been involved in since the organization began. Alexis recently became a member of Pop Factory Players Theatre last year. Pop Factory Players Theatre is a community theatre in Darlington open to anyone interested.

Alexis has been working as a babysitter since her eighth grade year. She babysits for many

different families and is mostly occupied during the summers. She also works for her family business, SBS cleaning services. This involves general house cleaning and carpet and hardfloor cleaning. Specifically, she cleans weekly for a local business, Ross Soil Service. She also cleans homes for elderly in the community.

Alexis will be attending the Blue Lake International Tour in the summer of 2021. She, along with

200 other musicians, will be traveling to Germany, France, and potentially Italy. The tour was originally planned for June – July 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus.

Alexis does not know where she plans to attend college, but she will be double majoring in Music Performance & Education with potentially a Biology minor.

Alexis would like to give a special thanks to all of the staff for their hard work, dedication, and

endless support especially during these difficult times, especially Mrs. Kristin Staver, Mrs. Cindi Nothem, Mrs. Jenny Wahlin, and Ms. Ashley McHugh. They have given her so many life lessons that she will bring into her future. She would also like to congratulate Daniel on receiving the Student of the Month Award; he is very deserving! Once again, Alexis would like to thank the Kiwanis Organization and teachers for choosing her as Student of the Month; she is extremely grateful!

“I’ve known Alexis since she was in elementary school. She’s always been polite and considerate of others, especially her teachers and office staff. Alexis is a very talented young lady, listening to her sing at many high school events, executing beautifully in musicals, and performing the National Anthem at the Wisconsin State Fair. Alexis is a high achiever academically with a bright future ahead of her.” ~ Janet Lawinger, High School Administrative Assistant

“During my time with Alexis Berget as a student, she has constantly demonstrated leadership skills, committed herself to experiencing musical opportunities around the world, and taken on multiple extra curricular activities locally. Lexie regularly acts as a model for her peers in her desire to challenge herself, positive attitude, and thoughtfulness towards others and because of this, she earned the choral awards in Leadership for the last two years and Musicianship last year. In all of our community tours as an ensemble and as a soloist for sporting and community events, I have always been able to rely on her to represent the school and music program in a positive light. Lexie has also represented the MPHS Vocal Program in varying choral festivals across the Midwest, including 2020 Dorian Festival, 2017 and 2018 UW-Platteville Honors Choir Festivals, 2017 UW-Eau Claire Clearwater Honors Choir Festival, and 2018, 2019, and 2020 SWAL Honors Choir Festivals.  She has also competed in Solo and Ensemble Competitions, earning first at the District Level and competing at State Level every year, even virtually during the pandemic. Lexie has also partaken in Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and was selected to attend the camp’s elite International Tour. I have also had the pleasure of working with Lexie during the musical theatre productions throughout her high school career. For her multiple roles in ‘Shrek the Musical,’ she earned the awards for Cutest Characters and Best Gospel Solo, and for her role as Lady Rowena in ‘Once Upon a Mattress,’ she earned the award for Most Dependable Singer. Last year, she performed the iconic role of Young Cosette in ‘Les Misérables,’ earning her the award for Sweetest High Notes. I am excited to see what performing opportunities this year has in store for Lexie! I have truly enjoyed witnessing her balance and grow within her multiple interests over the last few years, particularly her vocal music and theatrical endeavors. Alexis’ sweet personality, incredible work ethic, self-motivation, and consideration for others will take her far!” ~ Ashley McHugh, Middle/High School Choir Teacher

“Alexis Berget was a quiet girl all through her elementary school years.  She was polite and friendly, but always quiet.  One day at church, I heard the most beautiful singing.  I was so surprised to find out it was Lexie!  Congratulations on being voted Student of the Month, Lexie!  I hope all your wishes come true and you are able to celebrate your senior year in style!  Keep up the good work!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“‘Look back and be grateful, look ahead and be hopeful, look around and be helpful’ – Anonymous. Lexie Berget could be one of the most grateful, hopeful, and helpful young ladies I have worked with throughout my teaching and coaching career. She has an inner glow that can be seen by everyone and a kind demeanor that is rivaled only by her keen intellect. Lexie has gone above and beyond my expectations in and out of the classroom. I will miss her dearly next year but am so excited to see where life takes her. I want to thank her for always being there to be my little secretary and for being the first to always offer to lighten my load. You bring to life the saying that beauty is about having a pretty mind, pretty heart, and pretty soul.” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

“The one thing that I will always remember about Alexis is her ability to brighten up a room with her smile and positive attitude.  Alexis can be described as a talented, smart, hard-working, genuine, kind, and respectful individual who is always willing to help others out.  As you transition into the next step, I know that you will continue to have an influence on those around you and help the world become a better place.  Congratulations on being selected as the Student of the Month and best wishes for your future.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

Rich Lawinger, former Pointer and UW’s first NCAA wrestling champion, passes away

Rich Lawinger 1952-2020

Rich Lawinger, who was the first University of Wisconsin wrestler to win an NCAA championship and then became a respected high school coach, died Tuesday. He was 67.

Lawinger recently suffered complications from heart surgery, his friend and former Badgers coach Duane Kleven said.

A member of both the UW Athletics Hall of Fame and the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame, Lawinger followed his competitive wrestling career by coaching at River Valley High School from 1974 to 1980.

He came to UW with the goal of becoming the wrestling program’s first national champion, said Kleven, who tried to recruit Lawinger to UW-Oshkosh but then coached him with the Badgers after taking over for late coach George Martin.

Lawinger was the national runner-up at 150 pounds in 1972-73, then dropped down to 142 pounds for his senior season. He defeated Steve Randall of Oklahoma State for the 1974 NCAA championship, completing a 39-1 campaign.

“He was very focused on what he came for,” Kleven said. “Everything was pointed to that.”

A Big Ten Conference champion in both his junior and senior seasons, Lawinger was a three-time team MVP and ranks fourth in UW history with an .882 career winning percentage (130-17-1).

He also won a bronze medal in freestyle at the 1973 World University Games.

Born July 30, 1952, Lawinger grew up on a dairy farm near Mineral Point, according to a UWBadgers.com feature written ahead of his 2016 hall of fame induction. He didn’t start wrestling until joining the powerhouse Mineral Point High School program led by Al Bauman, but he finished an undefeated 1969-70 senior season by winning the state title at 145 pounds.

As a coach at River Valley, Lawinger had the state’s No. 1 dual meet team in 1978 and 1979. The team finished as state runner-up in 1978.

He was inducted into the George Martin Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1983.

Lawinger was a “terrific coach” at River Valley in Spring Green who could have one day become the Badgers’ leader if he stayed in coaching, Kleven said.

“He changed the entire town,” Kleven said. “They had big crowds for matches. He promoted the crowds. All their boosters had black hats.”

Lawinger’s 1974 NCAA championship started the Badgers on the path to seven more in the following four years, three of them by Lee Kemp, the school’s first four-time All-American and only three-time NCAA champion.

To Kleven, who coached UW from 1971 to 1982, Kemp was the only comparison to Lawinger in terms of focus and drive, sometimes to the point of stubbornness.

“He knew it from the minute he stepped in the door at Wisconsin that he was going to be their first national champion,” Kleven said of Lawinger. “No doubt about it.”

Story written by Todd Milewski and originally published in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Pointers Named to All-SWAL Team

Congrats to our #PointerNation wrestlers who earned SWAL All-Conference recognition!

First Team: 170-Nolan Springer (Most Valuable Wrestler), 182-Mason Hughes, 120-Tarrin Riley, 113-Trapper Nafzger, 106-Lucas Sullivan.

Second Team: 195-Mitch Aurit, 160-Bo Hanson.

Honorable Mention: 138-Hayden Bakken, 126-Ross Lindsey, 220-Daniel Nordstrom.

MPHS April Students of the Month: Bakken, Lindholm

Joelle Doye | Posted April 16, 2019

The Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its April Students of the Month at its meeting Tuesday, April 16 at the Pointer Cafe.

The students, who are members of the senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Karsten Bakken

Karsten Bakken, a Senior at Mineral Point High School, is the oldest son of Erik and Kipalee Bakken. He and his younger brother, Hayden, a Freshman this year, have attended Mineral Point Schools since Pre-K. Karsten would like to thank the Mineral Point teachers and the Kiwanis Club members for selecting him as April Student of the Month. He also extends his congratulations to Josie Lindholm.

Karsten participates in multiple extracurricular activities at Mineral Point High School. He is involved in Mock Trial, Key Club, Math Team, and he serves as an officer in the Mineral Point Future Business Leaders of America Chapter. At the FBLA Regional competition level, he has earned first place each of the last two years in Business Law. At the FBLA State competition, he earned 8th place his junior year and 6th place his senior year. In addition, Karsten, sponsored by the Homer and Lee Parkinson American Legion Post 170, represented Mineral Point at Badger Boys State last June. At Badger Boys State, the 900 plus attendees worked together to create their own state government and learned firsthand about the functions of government, roles of its officials, and the importance of building a community. He was elected to the office of senator for his city, McGovern, at Badger Boys State. This past March, Karsten was also selected to attend the Senate Scholar program, an intensive week-long educational program offered by the Wisconsin State Senate where each Senate Scholar receives a hands-on, up-close view of the Legislature’s role in our democracy. Thirty-three scholars, one from each of the Wisconsin senate districts, were selected from applicants. Karsten has also played soccer for the last fourteen years of his life. He is a four time letter winner for the Dodge-Point United soccer team. He had the honor of being chosen as Team Captain, SWC Conference MVP, and All-Area Honorable Mention. Soccer has given Karsten the chance to develop teamwork, leadership, and life skills and to make great friends. Karsten has enjoyed the opportunities to meet new people that share his interests through his involvement in extracurricular activities.

Karsten has been a member of the Mineral Point Youth Group for the past four years. He has enjoyed taking part in serving his community and participating in fundraisers including the haunted house, flocking, and pasty making to raise funds for their service trips. Over the past three years, the Mineral Point Youth Group has traveled to Minneapolis, Denver, and St. Louis, each for week-long mission trips. Karsten has attended every trip and is looking forward to this year’s trip to Washington DC.

Karsten plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison next fall to major in Economics. He is very excited to take advantage of all that UW-Madison has to offer. Karsten would like to say a special thank you to everyone who has helped him along his way. All of his teachers have contributed to his successes and have served to mentor him and have helped him to grow throughout his education from Pre-K to now. He is proud to be a Pointer. Family is very important to Karsten, so he would like to thank his family for helping him achieve his goals and chase his dreams.

“Congratulations on becoming Student of the Month, Karsten! I can remember meeting you when you came to school oh so long ago. Although Miss Anderson was your teacher, I recall your white blonde hair and your devilish smile well. You were always cute and funny! As you grew up, I watched you succeed in many endeavors and subjects. I especially recall you enrolling in Boy Scouts and helping others at school. You are always so kind to others and that does not go unnoticed. Wishing you much success in the future!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“I greatly enjoyed having Karsten in Geometry and Advanced Algebra, and now as a member of National Honor Society. I love his ability to problem solve and think outside the box! One of my favorite memories of Karsten was his junior year when he won the Pre-Calculus division of the annual SWAL Math Contest. Best wishes for a wonderful future!” ~ Cindi Nothem, High School Math Teacher

“I have had the special opportunity to see Karsten through his educational experiences in middle and high school as his teacher, FBLA adviser, and as his mom. Whether he wanted or not, I’m sure he knew that he would have to join Future Business Leaders of America in high school since his mom was the adviser. Over the course of his high school years, and through his involvement in extracurricular activities, he has transformed from a shy, quiet young man to a confident leader with excellent problem solving and communication skills. He became a valued member of our FBLA officer team and mentor to young members. At the FBLA Regional competition level, Karsten has earned first place each of the last two years in Business Law. At the FBLA State competition he earned 8th place his junior year and 6th place his senior year. He has been the first to arrive and last to leave for many meetings and activities over the past four years. I truly appreciate your efforts and attitude and will miss you, but I know that great opportunities await! Love, Mom- aka Mrs. Bakken.”

“Karsten is a four year letter winner for Dodge-Point soccer. He is a skilled player and understands the game as fully as anyone I know. Karsten earned Southwest Wisconsin Conference First Team and Player of the Year honors in 2018. He was also team captain and voted Team MVP by his peers. Karsten has had a great high school soccer career and I believe that with continued effort he could keep improving were he to decide to play in college. Like all of the fine young people that I have written about this year, Karsten can suffer from the condition we all know as ‘being a teenager.’ Also like all of those kids, it has been a great joy to see him work through those times and grow in understanding, care, and empathy for others. I’m proud of you KB.” ~ Erik Bakken, Assistant Boys Soccer Coach

Josie Lindholm

Josie Lindholm is daughter of Penny Lindholm. Her mother works for Upland Hills Health, as a centralized scheduler. She has one brother who lives in Iowa, working for Wartburg College and the Kansas City Chiefs in both of their communication departments. She also has one sister who lives in Virginia, which Josie enjoys visiting her and her nephews during the summer.

During high school, Josie was involved in a variety of clubs and activities. She was in Key Club and Forensics for four years, National Honor Society and Youth Group for two years, Wrestling Cheerleading and Math Team for three years, and Football Cheerleading for one year. Upon her second year of wrestling cheer, Josie was named co-captain. Then upon her last year of Forensics, Josie was also named co-captain. Through her work with the Youth Group organization, she has been able to go on two mission trips to Denver, CO, and Minneapolis, MN where she was able to help those in need.

Also outside of school, Josie has worked at Bobbi Jo’s Boutique in Mineral Point, where she works as a manager of the store. During the summer, Josie also babysits for three different families. In her free time, Josie enjoys volunteering, traveling, and being an active member of her community.

After high school, Josie plans to attend Madison Area Technical College, where she plans on studying radiology with the goal of becoming a radiologist technician.

During her high school career, Josie’s chemistry and physics teacher, Mr. Matt Austin, greatly influenced her. He taught her how to be a problem solver and how to be resourceful. He is a wonderful role model who has taught her many valuable life lessons she will remember forever.

Josie is thankful she got the amazing opportunity of getting to grow up in such a wonderful community. She is also grateful to the Kiwanis for giving her this opportunity.

“Josie Lindholm was a shy and quiet girl in kindergarten. I remember watching her from afar as she was also a student of Miss Anderson. Josie was, and I’m sure still is, artistic and enjoyed expressing herself quietly. It’s been fun to watch you grow into a sweet, young lady, Josie! Congratulations on being named Student of the Month and Good Luck in the future! I’m sure it will be bright!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“One of my favorite things about Josie is that I can ALWAYS count on her for a friendly greeting and smile. She is extremely hard working and without fail, gives her best effort. Josie goes out of her way to help those around her and is a wonderful leader by example. Josie, I wish you all the best! Never stop smiling!” ~ Cindi Nothem, High School Math Teacher

“I had the opportunity to be Josie’s cheerleading advisor. During that time I feel I got to know Josie more on a friendly basis. Josie is a very genuinely sweet and kind person. You seldom ever see her without a smile. Her leadership skills became very apparent when she was my captain her Junior year. She was one I could count on to see things were done when they needed to be. She worked hard to keep her grades up and made it to every practice and wrestling match. I know Josie will continue to work hard and be successful in accomplishing her goals. I wish her all the best.” ~ Judy Pelton, Former Wrestling Cheerleading Coach

“‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’ – Winston Churchill. Miss Josie Lindholm is truly one of the most positive, go-getter students I have ever worked with in my 30-year career. She is the first person to ask, ‘What can I do?’ and completes the tasks, big or small, with enthusiasm and a smile! I have had the pleasure of teaching, advising, and coaching Josie in English, football cheerleading, forensics, and yearbook. In each of these capacities, Josie has gone above and beyond my expectations and has always been a bright light to my day that lightens my load. I will miss her dearly next year but am so excited to see where life takes her. Josie is the kind of girl that if opportunity doesn’t knock, she will build the door! Thank you for everything, Sunshine!” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

MPHS March Students of the Month: Federman, Pittz

Joelle Doye | Posted March 19, 2019

The Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its March Students of the Month at its meeting Tuesday, March 19 at the Pointer Cafe.

The students, who are members of the senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Riese Federman

Riese Federman has lived her whole life with her parents, John and Tricia, and her sister Jerra in Mineral Point. She would like to thank the Kiwanis Club and her teachers for giving her the honor of being Student of the Month. Riese would also like to congratulate her Co-Student of the Month Danny Pittz.

During the school year, Riese is involved in many extracurricular activities. These involve Mock Trial, Key Club, Book Club, National Honor Society, a Blue Crew member, and a varsity soccer player. These clubs have given Riese opportunities to meet new people and learn new skills. Of all the activities Riese takes part in, Key Club has had the biggest impact on her. Riese has been a member of the Key Club for all four years of high school. Key Club has taught Riese that even the smallest contributions to her community make a big difference. Soccer has also had a big impact on Riese’s life. Riese has been playing soccer since she was five years old. Soccer has taught Riese leadership, the value of hard work, time management, and the meaning of teamwork and friendship. She cannot believe it is her last year of playing, but she knows this year is going to be filled with great opportunities for not only her, but her teammates as well.

Outside of school, Riese works at Lands’ End in the mornings before school. This was a challenge for her at first, but it is now just part of her routine.

In high school, Riese has enjoyed taking many science, math, history, English, and Spanish classes. Although these classes challenge her, she tries her hardest to understand all the material. Next year Riese will be attending The University of Wisconsin-Platteville to major in biology. She would like to thank her parents and sister for always supporting her and pushing her to be the best version of herself.

“Riese plays in the midfield for Dodge-Point soccer. She is a true competitor. She works hard in practice and gives her best effort in our matches as well. I’ve come to appreciate her as a realist who doesn’t like to mince words. Having said that, Riese shows kindness to those around her and genuinely cares for others. She has many qualities that I know will carry her far in the future.” ~ Erik Bakken, Head Girls Soccer Coach

“It has been a wonderful joy watching Riese grow and develop as a student and as a person these past four years. She has become a strong and confident young woman, yet she is always willing to ask for and accept help or suggestions when needed. Congratulations on this very deserved award, Riese! I can’t wait to see what your future holds and where your hard work will take you!” ~ Cindi Nothem, High School Math Teacher

“Even when Reese Federman was very young, she always showed her bubbly personality to others. She is friendly and smart and an all-around get things done kind of girl. Here’s to you, Reese! Congratulations and Good Luck in the future!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“I had the benefit to work with and get to know Riese Federman as a cheerleader. She is a very caring and intelligent young lady. There are many expectations to be a cheerleader such as being respectful, responsible, look at things positively, work hard, and do your part. Riese excelled in all of these areas. She was able to juggle multiple things at a time. While putting in the numerous hours of practice, wrestling matches and tournaments, she was still able to maintain a high-grade point average. This says what a hard worker and responsible person she is. I wish her the best of luck in her next chapter of life.” ~ Judy Pelton, Middle School Instructional Assistant and Former Wrestling Cheerleading Coach

Danny Pittz

Danny is the youngest child in a family of seven which includes his mom, Teresa, dad, Troy, two older sisters, an older brother and an older cousin who lives with his family.

He is currently a senior at Mineral Point High School who is involved in many extra-curricular activities which include being a three-sport athlete in the sports of wrestling, golf, and football, President of the FFA, National Honor Society, National Junior Swine Association, Skills USA, Youth Group, and Blue Crew Member.

He plans to attend Southwest Tech to pursue a degree in electrical power distribution and hopefully get a job as a lineman upon his college graduation in the spring of 2020. His ultimate goal is to be employed by Alliant Energy in Mineral Point where he would like to settle down and start a family.

Danny enjoys being outside and spending time with livestock, which is why he enjoys his job as a farmhand at May Cattle Company and raising his show pigs each summer, which are exhibited at county and state fair. In addition to raising show pigs and working at May Cattle Company, Danny enjoys spending time with his family and friends doing activities such as jet-skiing, campfires, golf-outings, and working on his grandmother’s farm.

Danny has been lucky to have many teachers and individuals that have impacted him greatly, but one, in particular, is his wrestling/golf coach and gym teacher, Mr. Scott Schmitz. Mr. Schmitz has left a lasting impact on Danny due to the life lessons he has taught him in and out of the classroom and sports scene. Mr. Schmitz has taught him to be a more responsible, hard-working, and polite individual. Their relationship extends beyond school-sponsored events, as they do activities together such as trips to Cabela’s, attending college wrestling matches, golf-outings, and hanging tree stands at their hunting cabin.

Danny would like to thank the Kiwanis members and congratulate Riese on being selected as a Student of the Month.

“Danny is a very sweet and respectful young man. He is one of the most polite high schoolers I know. His grade point average and other accomplishments show great work ethic. When he believes in something he shows self-motivation and dedication to accomplish the task. Danny’s a great role model for all other students…a true leader.” ~ Judy Pelton, Middle School Instructional Assistant

“Danny is one of the most outstanding students I have had the chance to work with. He is polite, hardworking, and a wonderful person.” ~ Justin Leonard, High School Special Education Teacher and Assistant Football Coach

“Danny Pittz has proved to be an all-around student. I am not surprised he is being honored in this way as his hard work has always been evident with his accomplishments in and out of the classroom! He works hard to gain recognition in his FFA endeavors, which include many service opportunities. In addition, he has also accomplished several sports awards. But most of all Danny is an amazing young man. He often takes time for others, young and old. He is a natural leader. Congratulations, Danny! Enjoy your promising future! Good luck next year!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“Thank you, Danny for your unending kindness, respect, and graciousness to students of all abilities.” ~ Janis Needham, High School Special Education Teacher

“Danny has been such a great role model and positive personality in our Advisory Class. Though we meet only once a week, he is always willing to volunteer new ideas to make the school a better environment, help others in and out of the classroom, and fill in where needed with our service projects. Even just passing in the halls, Danny is always smiling, greeting his peers and teachers, and offering to assist throughout the building. His demeanor, professionalism, kindness, consideration, and drive will take him far in life!” ~ Ashley McHugh, Middle/High School Choir Teacher

“Danny, you are an incredible young man and thrive in everything you take on. You should be so proud of the leader you have become and I can’t wait to see where your future takes you. I know I can always count on you brightening my day with your big smile and always saying hello. Enjoy every minute you have left in high school; it goes too fast. P.S. I’ll never let you forget the times I babysat you as a baby and as adorable as you were, you cried and cried every time.” ~ Lesley Macaulay, Middle/High School Art Teacher

“Danny Pittz is a ‘one of a kind’ person. He is great with classmates, awesome with underclassmen, and a role model for elementary students. He is such a positive influence in school and is always willing to stop and talk with anyone, student or adult. I know his parents have to be proud of him because every teacher in school couldn’t be more proud to have Danny represent our school district. He will succeed no matter what direction he chooses to go. He will be missed next year at MPHS.” ~ Mitch Wainwright, Superintendent and High School Principal

“Danny Pittz is one of the politest and most respectful students that I have had in my twelve years of teaching. He is kind and empathetic to all staff members and his peers. He is the type of student and athlete who takes the initiative to help others around him who may be struggling with a concept or skill. Just yesterday, as we were cleaning up from the SWAL Math Competition, the custodial staff was struggling to move a table from one of the rooms. I left the room, and when I returned, Danny was there assisting them. Danny, I want you to know that these acts of kindness definitely do not go unnoticed. You display exactly the level of character and leadership desired for members of the National Honor Society, and I am very thankful that I have been able to be your advisor. Danny, thank you for making Mineral Point High School a better place by leading by example. I wish all of the best.” ~ Cindi Nothem, High School Math Teacher

Clint Hurda Inducted Into Al Bauman Hall of Fame

2019 Hall of Fame (l to r: Joe Terrill, Coach Al Bauman, Clint Hurda (2019 Inductee), Coach Scott Schmitz)

Mineral Point High School inducted a new member into the Al Bauman Wrestling Hall of Fame Friday, January 18. The induction was supposed to take place during the Iowa-Grant/Highland match, but due to a snowstorm that forced the postponement of the match, the event was moved to Tony’s Tap.Congratulations to Clint Hurda!

Clint Hurda

Mineral Point Invitational Champion 1993

Black Hawk Invitational Champion 1994

Iowa-Grant Invitational Champion 1994

Badger State Invitational Champion 1994

Conference Champion 1994, 1995, 1996

WIAA Regional Champion 1994, 1995, 1996

WIAA Sectional Champion 1995, 1996

WIAA State Champion 1996

Team Captain 1996

Most Valuable Wrestler 1995, 1996

Career High School Record 116-22

Clint served in the United States Marine Corps from 2002 to 2006 with three combat tours in Iraq.

Clint currently resides in Poulsbo, Washington with his wife, Molly, and their three children–Savannah, Abel, and August.