Nordstrom, Berget named Students of the Month

The Mineral Point Kiwanis Club honored its first set of 2020-21 Students of the Month at a virtual meeting Tuesday, October 20. The Kiwanis Club is meeting via Zoom during the pandemic.

The students, who are members of the senior class, are selected for this honor through a voting process by staff at the high school, and their biographies are written by themselves.

Daniel Nordstrom

Daniel would first like to thank the Kiwanis and the school staff for selecting him as Student of the Month, and congratulate Lexie on also receiving the honor.

Daniel has grown up in Mineral Point his entire life; he has an amazing family that supports everything he does. Daniel’s mother, Missy, is a hairdresser in Mineral Point, and his father, Tom, works at a local welding supply shop. They are both amazing people who have taught him everything he knows. Daniel has two brothers, Matthew and Tyler. Matthew is a senior and Tyler is a sophomore. Daniel’s family always supports him and are great role models.

Daniel works around Mineral Point mowing lawns and cleaning windows. He loves how personable the town is and how kind everyone is.

Daniel will either become an apprentice tradesman or attend UW-Platteville, likely majoring in some kind of engineering.

Throughout high school, Daniel has been involved in many different activities. Daniel has particularly enjoyed musical theatre, wrestling, FFA, forensics, football, band, and choir. He appreciates all of the hardworking and truly dedicated staff who put these activities on.

He would like to give a special thank you to Ms. Ashley McHugh, Mr. Matt Nevers, Coach Curtis Fiedler, and Mr. Mike Robinson for taking the time to teach Daniel and offer advice when needed.

Daniel again would like to congratulate Lexie on receiving this award and would like to thank the Kiwanis for putting on an awesome event.

“You couldn’t ask for a more kind and generous individual. He is not only strong in his academics, but a very talented student who wrestles, and is in both band and choir. Nothing I love better than going to a wrestling match to listen to him sing the National Anthem then hit the mat to wrestle his opponent. His musical performances are flawless as well. Daniel, you’ll do great things in life.” ~ Janet Lawinger, High School Administrative Assistant

“Daniel Nordstrom has had an impressive musical high school career. He has developed as a musician rapidly, taken on awesome musical projects, and participated in nearly all musical extra curricular activities our district offers. Daniel has always served as a role model for his peers in his determination to improve individually and as a group, willingness to try new things, and patience with others. For the last two years, he earned the choral awards of Leadership and Musicianship for his constant positivity, team mentality, and service as a resource for the ensemble as a whole. In all of our community tours as an ensemble, I have noticed Daniel’s compassion and connection with community members. Daniel has also represented the MPHS Vocal Program in varying choral festivals across the Midwest, including 2020 Dorian Festival, 2019 UW-Platteville Honors Choir Festival, and 2018 Driftless Honors Choir Festival. I have also enjoyed working with Daniel within the realm of musical theatre. For his knight role in ‘Shrek the Musical,’ he earned the awards for Best Facial Expressions and Most Enthusiastic, and for his role as Sir Harry in ‘Once Upon a Mattress,’ he earned the award for Best Work Ethic. This past year, he earned the awards for Most Dedication and Most Heartfelt Performance in the epic role of Marius in ‘Les Misérables.’ Daniel has already shown great potential, interest, and commitment to new musical challenges this year! I have come to appreciate his balance and multi-faceted interests over the last few years, particularly his musical endeavors. Daniel’s optimism, drive, well-roundedness, self-awareness, professionalism, and thoughtfulness will surely guarantee his success in all he does!” ~ Ashley McHugh, Middle/High School Choir Teacher

“Daniel Nordstrom is a kind boy and I have enjoyed watching him grow into a fine student.  He is hardworking and dedicated.  He always wears a smile that warms the heart.  We  love hearing Daniel play in the band and sing.  His musical talents are many and will carry with him throughout life.  His dedication to a work ethic can be seen in all that he does!  Keep up the good work, Daniel!  Congratulations on being named Student of the Month!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“It was an honor to be in the musical ‘Shrek’ with both Lexie and Daniel during their freshman year.  Their energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and it was a lot of fun watching them grow as performers.  In the years since, they have become two of the finest young people I have had the fortune to teach and be around.  I am so glad I was here, and got to be a small part in their journey.  Congrats on two very fine Students of the Month.” ~ Tom Steger, High School Science Teacher

“Daniel has been my band student since he has been in 8th grade, and has always been a joy to work with. He is willing to do whatever is asked of him to make the band better, whether it be a solo trombone performance of the National Anthem at a wrestling tournament, a vocal solo with the marching band at a football game in front of hundreds of fans, or a very difficult solo for solo and ensemble contest. Daniel will just jump up and do it, no questions asked. I enjoy every minute that I get to work with Daniel, and I look forward to seeing what his future holds.” ~ Matt Nevers, Middle/High School Band Teacher

“‘You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him’ – Malcolm Forbes. I truly cannot bring a moment to mind where Daniel Nordstrom isn’t smiling at the world and making everyone feel as if he or she is the most important conversation of his day. His innate way of making others feel special and welcome will take him miles in life. There was never a lesson that I delivered where Daniel didn’t lean in and engage. What an amazing, bright future this young man has ahead of himself. Thank you for sharing your love of life and laughter with me! I can’t wait to see your future unfold. To steal the famous line from The Outsiders, ‘Stay Gold,” Daniel!’” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

“Congratulations Daniel on your selection as the Student of the Month.  Your ability to work hard, strive to do your absolute best, and be a caring and kind individual makes you a fantastic role model for your peers and underclassmen.  Thank you for always being willing to lend a helping hand and having a smile on your face.  As you move on to the next chapter of your life, know that you have made a positive impact on others within the Mineral Point Community.  Your future is bright and I am sure that you will accomplish amazing things.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal

Alexis Berget

Alexis Berget, the daughter of Brad and Anita Berget, is the fourth of five children. Alexis has two brothers and two sisters; Brianna, Bailey, Wes, and Lilli. She would like to thank her family for always being her role models and giving her endless support!

Alexis is always extremely committed to her academics and extracurricular activities. She is

involved in band, choir, forensics, mock trial, math team, musical theatre, solo-ensemble, FFA, Key Club, cheerleading, and student government. Alexis also holds leadership positions such as captain of the football cheerleading team and president of the student council. She is also a member of the National Honor Society.

In her free time, she enjoys staying involved with the community. Alexis cantors at her church,

and has sung many National Anthems for a variety of events. Alexis has also been involved in 4-H since she was five years old. In 4-H she works on many different projects and leadership roles. Alexis is also a part of Halftime Entertainment Dance Team, which she has been involved in since the organization began. Alexis recently became a member of Pop Factory Players Theatre last year. Pop Factory Players Theatre is a community theatre in Darlington open to anyone interested.

Alexis has been working as a babysitter since her eighth grade year. She babysits for many

different families and is mostly occupied during the summers. She also works for her family business, SBS cleaning services. This involves general house cleaning and carpet and hardfloor cleaning. Specifically, she cleans weekly for a local business, Ross Soil Service. She also cleans homes for elderly in the community.

Alexis will be attending the Blue Lake International Tour in the summer of 2021. She, along with

200 other musicians, will be traveling to Germany, France, and potentially Italy. The tour was originally planned for June – July 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus.

Alexis does not know where she plans to attend college, but she will be double majoring in Music Performance & Education with potentially a Biology minor.

Alexis would like to give a special thanks to all of the staff for their hard work, dedication, and

endless support especially during these difficult times, especially Mrs. Kristin Staver, Mrs. Cindi Nothem, Mrs. Jenny Wahlin, and Ms. Ashley McHugh. They have given her so many life lessons that she will bring into her future. She would also like to congratulate Daniel on receiving the Student of the Month Award; he is very deserving! Once again, Alexis would like to thank the Kiwanis Organization and teachers for choosing her as Student of the Month; she is extremely grateful!

“I’ve known Alexis since she was in elementary school. She’s always been polite and considerate of others, especially her teachers and office staff. Alexis is a very talented young lady, listening to her sing at many high school events, executing beautifully in musicals, and performing the National Anthem at the Wisconsin State Fair. Alexis is a high achiever academically with a bright future ahead of her.” ~ Janet Lawinger, High School Administrative Assistant

“During my time with Alexis Berget as a student, she has constantly demonstrated leadership skills, committed herself to experiencing musical opportunities around the world, and taken on multiple extra curricular activities locally. Lexie regularly acts as a model for her peers in her desire to challenge herself, positive attitude, and thoughtfulness towards others and because of this, she earned the choral awards in Leadership for the last two years and Musicianship last year. In all of our community tours as an ensemble and as a soloist for sporting and community events, I have always been able to rely on her to represent the school and music program in a positive light. Lexie has also represented the MPHS Vocal Program in varying choral festivals across the Midwest, including 2020 Dorian Festival, 2017 and 2018 UW-Platteville Honors Choir Festivals, 2017 UW-Eau Claire Clearwater Honors Choir Festival, and 2018, 2019, and 2020 SWAL Honors Choir Festivals.  She has also competed in Solo and Ensemble Competitions, earning first at the District Level and competing at State Level every year, even virtually during the pandemic. Lexie has also partaken in Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and was selected to attend the camp’s elite International Tour. I have also had the pleasure of working with Lexie during the musical theatre productions throughout her high school career. For her multiple roles in ‘Shrek the Musical,’ she earned the awards for Cutest Characters and Best Gospel Solo, and for her role as Lady Rowena in ‘Once Upon a Mattress,’ she earned the award for Most Dependable Singer. Last year, she performed the iconic role of Young Cosette in ‘Les Misérables,’ earning her the award for Sweetest High Notes. I am excited to see what performing opportunities this year has in store for Lexie! I have truly enjoyed witnessing her balance and grow within her multiple interests over the last few years, particularly her vocal music and theatrical endeavors. Alexis’ sweet personality, incredible work ethic, self-motivation, and consideration for others will take her far!” ~ Ashley McHugh, Middle/High School Choir Teacher

“Alexis Berget was a quiet girl all through her elementary school years.  She was polite and friendly, but always quiet.  One day at church, I heard the most beautiful singing.  I was so surprised to find out it was Lexie!  Congratulations on being voted Student of the Month, Lexie!  I hope all your wishes come true and you are able to celebrate your senior year in style!  Keep up the good work!” ~ Jill McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher

“‘Look back and be grateful, look ahead and be hopeful, look around and be helpful’ – Anonymous. Lexie Berget could be one of the most grateful, hopeful, and helpful young ladies I have worked with throughout my teaching and coaching career. She has an inner glow that can be seen by everyone and a kind demeanor that is rivaled only by her keen intellect. Lexie has gone above and beyond my expectations in and out of the classroom. I will miss her dearly next year but am so excited to see where life takes her. I want to thank her for always being there to be my little secretary and for being the first to always offer to lighten my load. You bring to life the saying that beauty is about having a pretty mind, pretty heart, and pretty soul.” ~ Kristin Staver, High School English Teacher

“The one thing that I will always remember about Alexis is her ability to brighten up a room with her smile and positive attitude.  Alexis can be described as a talented, smart, hard-working, genuine, kind, and respectful individual who is always willing to help others out.  As you transition into the next step, I know that you will continue to have an influence on those around you and help the world become a better place.  Congratulations on being selected as the Student of the Month and best wishes for your future.” ~ Matt Austin, High School Principal