Record Holders

Jim Grimm 1964 First State Qualifier
Jim Grimm
Mike Medchill 1965 First State Champion
Mike Medchill
Rich Lawinger 1974 Wisconsin’s First NCAA Champion
Rich Lawinger
1980 - First team state champions 1980 First Team State Champions
Zach Chambers Most Pins
Zach Chambers
97 pins
Nate Chambers 50 Wins
Most Wins in a Single Season
Nate Chambers
Dylan Schroeder 175 Wins
Most Wins in a Career
Dylan Schroeder
Mark Schmitz 120 Wins
Most Wins in a Single Class System
Mark Schmitz
Gary Sullivan 88 Straight Wins
Longest Winning Streak
Gary Sullivan
Ted And Tucker Pittz Ted and Tucker Pittz
First Father/Son State Champions