A Letter To Our Supporters

To the supporters of the Mineral Point High School Wrestling Program:

Our first Wrestling Club meeting took place on Sept, 16th. We would like to encourage you to join the Mineral Point Wrestling Club. Dues are $5.00 and may be sent to:

George Fiedler
152 Antoine St.
Mineral Point, WI 53565

If you have any address changes we would like you to send them, so that we can keep current on our mailing list. We would also like you to send us your e-mail address if you have one so we can keep you current on all Mineral Point Wrestling events. You may send your e-mail address to Tina Carey at tinamariecarey@gmail.com. Tina will put you on our e-mail list.

Due to the Covid 19 Virus, our H.S. wrestling schedule has not yet been determined. You may obtain the schedule when it has been finalized on our website, www.mineralpointwrestling.com. Please refer to the website for any other information and updates as well.

The 2021 inductee’s to the Allen E. Bauman Wrestling Hall of Fame will be Greg and Mary Kay Sullivan, Kevin Wasley, and Donald and Carole Wasley. The date in which our newest members will enter the Hall of Fame will be posted on our website when it is determined. Please join me in extending congratulations to Greg, Mary Kay, Donald, Carole, and Kevin as our newest Hall of Fame member’s. If you wish to nominate someone for the Hall of Fame please log on to our website, www.mineralpointwrestling.com , on the Hall of Fame link for instructions.

The next Wrestling Club meeting will be on Wednesday October 7th at Dodge-Point Country Club, at 7 p.m.

Thank you for your support!



Shane Carey
President, MPWC